7 Steps to Apply Nail Polish at a Lower Cost

Apply Nail Polish

Being an expert and get rid of broken nails, blemishes and uneven application of nail polish. Save money by not going to the hairdresser every time a chip nails. Just buy the tools and start learning at home alone or with a friend. Follow these instructions and soon become an expert when it comes to applying nail polish professional. Just prepare the following: manicure set, multi-colored nail polish, base and top coat, cotton balls, gauze or cloth in the basin, massage cream, and Q-tips. Apply professional nail polish.

Step 1: Prepare your fingers

Fill a bowl with hot, soapy water and enjoy their fingers in a minute to soften cuticles. To get a better feel, apply a lotion or cream to hands and fingers. After a few minutes, dry hands with a cotton cloth and nails with a bit of gauze.

Step 2: Prepare the nail polish

Gently turn the bottle of nail polish with her two palms to mix the small metal balls with enamel before applying. Remember not to shake the bottle vigorously as this can create bubbles and can be transferred to your nails.

Step 3: Start the process of how to apply professional nail polish

Dip the brush into the bottle of nail polish and wipe off excess nail polish off the edge of the bottle to avoid the excessive polish on the nail.

Step 4: Start the nail bed

By starting at the base of the nail, paint a line halfway down the nail. Paint another blows to the left of the line and another blow to the right of the line.

Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4

Again, dip your brush into the bottle of nail polish and repeat the procedure for each nail. Painting for the first time in the center and then on both sides of it. If you ever miss a small spot can be covered in the second layer. Do not try to repair in the first layer.

Step 6: Apply a second coat on the nails

You can now apply the second coat after you finish painting each nail. This is to get the desired color and to cover up a missed one. This will also cause the nail color last longer. You can start with the first nail, from where he started the first layer.

Step 7: Apply clear nail polish

For a look Shiner, apply a clear nail polish as a top layer of each nail. You should follow the same procedure is applied nail polish. This not only gives your manicure looks professional, but also give nails lasting protection. Use a Q tip to clean any mess on the sides to end the manicure.Professionals have the same procedure that is mentioned http://glamzone11.com/ here. The only difference is that they have formal education to do and more practice. They have learned to control the movements of the hand. Anyway, if you continue on your own, learn to apply professional nail polish.

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