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As you can imagine I am a bit shook up by what has happened to my uncle, he underwent neuro-surgery today, so we now wait and see if he recovers fully. The thought of it all terrifies to me… I never have been one for the blood and gore, just get queezyeverytime… I wonder how they do brain surgery?

I tried to play online poker this week, but my mind just isn’t there and to tell the truth, neither is my heart in the game. I thought that it might help take my mind off things, but this has obviously shook me up a bit because I just keep thinking about it. I found myself not concentrating on my game, just staring down at the cards and disconnecting… weird… I certainly wasn’t following any sort of poker strategy at all.

I know it happens to all families at some time we have to deal with birth and death it is part of life… but still when something happens to make you realize that our time is ticking, it is a shock!

Which reminds me that you have to watch your mood before playing poker because that can affect how you play. Feeling frustrated, irritated… then you may make hasty decisions that are not clever poker moves. It’s much better to be ready and focused on your game with no distractions – otherwise it could be costly.

But then again you can play poker just to be social, to relax after work and to take your mind off things. Its a sport, a hobby, a way of life for some…
Mortal beings, I got some sad news this week, an uncle of mine has a brain tumor. Fortunately, they say they can operate and they have a strong chance of removing the tumor. It really shook me, he has just turned 60 and is a pretty fit guy, he has worked hard all his life and wants to retire in a few years. enjoy the rest of his life… and then this comes along! Life is unpredictable. just don’t know what is around the next corner!

This has made me wake up and realize that I am mortal and the clock is ticking away. Better get on with things before it is too late.

Play Poker on Holiday

At about this time during the winter months it really starts to get to me. I don’t know why, it just does. Well actually I do know why, I have had enough of getting cold and wet, putting loads of clothes on, then taking loads of clothes off…. I need some sun and am sick of waking up in the dark and getting home in the dark… whine….whine….whinge….whinge…..complain…
I know but I just can’t help myself ok. Doesn’t it get to you? And don’t all those irritations I mentioned above also affect you?

My girlfriend says, “Oh but the days are getting longer now”. Well I don’t go for this optimistic stuff, and I don’t notice the days staying light for longer, ok… Some people just don’t seem to mind winter, in fact some even like winter. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy it too, it’s just by around the end of January and especially by February I have had enough of winter.

People say you should enjoy the natural cycle of life through the seasons, or that winter makes you appreciate summer… whatever. I have friends that live indoors all the time, playing poker as you can imagine, and they don’t even know the time of day let alone what season it is outside. They just don’t care and winter certainly doesn’t get to them. They’ll play poker online all day then go into a casino and play live poker until the morning – familiar to you?

I have other friends that are “Green Friends”, not literary ok?, not from Planet Gob ok?…Anyway they say like you shouldn’t fly to a warmer place in winter man….it like ruins the planet man…global warming you know? Well right now I am going anywhere that is warmer and where the sun shines – where does the sun shine right now? You can get travel deals that include staying at or near casinos. So I can play poker on holiday and partake in my favorite pastime and get a break from winter – Way to go!

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