Dice Twister

Dice Twister

Any casino game that involves the throw of three dice reminds us immediately of the main table game of sic bo. And to see a version as an online casino arcade game immediately caught our attention and we had to play. This one is a really simple casino game and once you’re aware of the odds of winning then you can be sure that you’re going to play it safe and hopefully win.

As with an online casino arcade game you’re going to need a little bit of luck but hey, we all need a bit of that sometimes don’t we? We’ll also let you know which combinations seem to work better for us. As you would expect they are the ones with relatively low payouts and higher probabilities of them occurring on the dice twister game, but this is the way we like to play casino games. Some of the guys here go into a gambling frenzy, it’s like the red mist descends and they’re off. Sometimes it works for them, other times they lose. But we’re in it to try and build our gambling chip stack over a longer and more sustained time frame.

But first the basics of dice twister! You are betting on the results of a throw of three dice and there are up to twenty possible outcomes that can be wagered on as well as six wagers that can be staked on the dice spotting onto an individual number. Oh, and winning stakes are paid out upon matching one die, two, or all three dice but you can also get the red mist like our buddies and wager on a multiple selection of possible dice outcomes, but this tactic is only really recommended by the casinos.

So, how do we get stuck into a new dice twister casino game and try to make sure we walk away with a positive cash balance. Well, as with most arcade type casino games you’re going to need a little bit of luck but with that on your side, and by sticking to the higher payout probability games you’re going to make it through the night.

This table should help you get an idea of the dice twister bets that you can make, how likely they are to win, what they will pay out and what would be your cash situation had you wagered $10 on the predicted outcome.

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