Distractions Can Cost You Money

Distractions can cost you money. While it is nice to think that you can trade Binary Options from the comfort of your own home, in your own comfortable chair and at a time that suits your style of trading, the truth is, this can be achieved, as long as there is very little distraction (especially if you are scalping your trades).

In certain market conditions I tend to Scalp Trade a lot, meaning I will sell the trade back to my broker before the mandatory cut off time, for the current value of the trade at that time, as my main trading Broker (High Low Binary Options) has this function on their trading platform. For instance, if a trade that I have taken is going in the direction that I have chosen and it is in profit I could sell that trade for the partial profit shown at that time or if the trade turned against me I could sell the trade for a partial loss as it is at that time. But either way you need a quiet place to do this as you will be concentrating on your trading platform, a distraction could take you away and your profit could be lost to an unfavorable change in the market.

So unless you are using a trading robot that is trading automatically for you, you will need a nice quiet , comfortable environment free from distractions so that you can trade properly with the tools that you are using, that apply to the strategy that you are using.

I will usually turn my phone off while I am trading and close the door to help keep distractions to a bare minimum, and if distractions do become frequent I will usually cease trading until later or even for the day, it is better to do this than risk your capital on a rushed trade.

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