Factors That Affect Your Life Insurance Price

As mentioned, some factors affect your life insurance price. You should know that these factors can help you get affordable life insurance rate.


Sometimes, your life insurance rates will depend on your lifestyle. Activities such as smoking, frequent alcohol drinking, and recreational drugs can increase the prices of premium. This is because you are prone to having illness compared to those with healthier lifestyle.


The need for life insurance tends to decrease as the age goes older. Some insurer takes advantage of older people since them likely to fail to pay the full premiums and not get the full benefits of it. Getting life insurance at an early age is the best action to take.

Medical History

If a policyholder has a history of illness or disease, then he or she is likely to have higher premiums. Like lifestyle, medical histories are considered risks especially if it is critical and threaten the policyholder’s life. This also involves family history. If the family is known to have related disease, then the sons and daughters are considered high risk.


Some jobs put you at risk and the higher risk the higher premiums. Jobs like firefighter, police officer, minister and so on. Each job has its own individual risks and the insurer usually notes this.

Life Insurance Discounts

Most insurance companies offer discounts to policyholders. Discounts from having joint accounts, loyalty, paying in full, and many more can be a good way to save money.

Many more factors affect the price of your life insurance. Most of the time, you cannot really do much about it except for the lifestyle. It is however a good thing to know these factors so that you can expect what to pay. It may also help on deciding what type of insurance policy to take and what to modify on your plan so that you can benefit most.

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