Finding the Best Odds Through Line Watching

Many sporting events, especially American football, have point spreads, where one team must win by a pre-determined amount of points for bets on that team to win. The number of points is set in advance, usually by Las Vegas, but can change depending on which side the betting is going on. If a lot of people are betting on one team, the line will change to make betting on that team less favorable. This is called moving the line, and by the end of the week, the line can move a full point or two in either direction. Check for a trend early in the week. If the line is moving in a favorable direction, wait until the end of the week to put in your bet. If not, lock in your bet fast.

Finding the Best Odds Through Site Watching

While most sites standardized their lines according to Las Vegas, they are not required to do so. In addition, action on that particular site might result in a different line than elsewhere. Try to stay plugged in to a number of different sports books so that if there is a line out there that works to your advantage, you can grab it.


Your best bet for getting the right odds in sports betting is to do your research. If you do a thorough analysis, you may discover information which leads you to believe that the odds you are getting on a certain team are more favorable than they should be. This does not guarantee you a win by any means, but it can give you a bit of an edge over the competition in the long term. Railbirding to learn poker. After all my railbirding on the weekend, this railbird needed a break! It was great fun to follow the big poker tournaments happening on the weekend – EPT Deauville and the Aussie Millions. Nice to see some new faces finishing in the top ten.

I don’t know how the guys have the stamina to keep going in a poker tourny. But I couldn’t just follow the tournaments that was too slow and boring, I have to admit that this self confessed poker addict, was indeed logged onto his favorite online poker room and I might have been playing the odd game or two.

That’s what I enjoy so much about playing online poker is that you can do other stuff whilst playing or you can multi-table if you want a little more action.

Railbirding (watching poker pros at play – spectating) is a great way to learn poker strategy, to fast track your progress and to pick up some useful tips. Its all about knowing what to do in certain situations and then making the right decisions or the best decisions given those criteria. Watching what the pros do in certain situations, teaches and demonstrates what to do and what not to do. The pros have learnt over the years what to do.

Think about it… the human brain is an incredible thing being able to process all the information that is coming at it so fast. Was that a tell? What will he do next? I think he thinks, that I think that he has a pair…

But I also enjoy playing at online casinos and just getting a break from poker once in a while – you know sometimes it all just gets too much…this railbird needs a rest!… or just something different to concentrate on.

I find that if I take a break once in a while I then come back far more focused and enthusiastic about my poker game and I play much better poker.

By the way I discovered that if you are playing online bingo then a very safe way of depositing or withdrawing if you get lucky with the numbers…is to use bingo paypal. I don’t like to take chances with my credit card online and I only use it at safe reputable sites that have security, like airline tickets, etc.

So where was I…. oh yes online casino games are a good way of just doing something different and relaxing the old poker brain!

But I’m not really into Bingo, its way too slow for me. If I’m playing casino games online then I much prefer to play blackjack,slots and online roulette. To beat roulette or should I say to beat the house rather… you have to have an element of luck… actually a huge element of luck!!! But it does help to know your odds.

I enjoy playing roulette for light entertainment and whilst taking a break from poker. I don’t take my casino games nearly as seriously as I take my poker! Build yourself a big pot The other night I needed some time out, so I just decided to kick back and relax by playing some casino games online.

It was whilst I was watching the jackpot grow and grow, that something struck me – like a ton of bricks, as they say… Its amazing how things come to you when you are doing something completely different – ever happened to you? Have you ever lost something and then suddenly out of the blue, weeks later, you pick something up and there is the thing that you were looking for, just staring at you saying, “Why couldn’t you see me fool?…..”

Ok where was I? Phew lost myself….oh right…the growing jackpot reminded me of how you must let the pot grow – build yourself a big pot.

It doesn’t matter whether you are playing online poker or whether you are at a real poker table, you must remember to build a pot of money – let it grow. Many beginners get excited when they have a great hand and get carried away, they raise too much or too quickly. The other players pick up on this, if they are good, they should pick up on the fact that you have a good hand and then they fold. Leaving the blinds and your money in the pot. Not a great return on your investment!

What you have to do is draw your opponents money out onto the table. Let them think they have a chance of winning – build yourself a big pot! Manipulate the situation, don’t scare them off. The idea is to get as much of their chips into the table so that you can maximize your winnings.

Funny how it takes a visit to an online casino to remember my poker strategy! But if you think about it, letting the jackpot grow is the same thing really – there is no point in joining a game when someone has just collected the jackpot.

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