Forex in Connection with the World Economy

Both the Tuesday and the Thursday are the most important days of trade at this Forex. There are several indicators which come from the economy, on the one hand sales of the house of one’s own, sales from new buildings and of course also the unemployment rate. In 2008 a single person was able itself to influence the value of the currency dollar.

This was the boss of the Central Bank; He had set a trend with his talk on the financial crisis for the U.S. dollar in the USA. The euro, however, rose already in the past and still has an upward movement, too. Of course the euro profits from dollar and yen by the relegation. The euro is supported by good business statistics again and again, too. The euro behaved restrainedly opposite number of the Swiss franc or also the British pound. One, however, cannot say this of the euro compared with the dollar and the yen. Many indicators were not published but those which reached the public were without exception positive for the euro. In the USA insurances and also banks stood before the end, rose steadily the euro while?

As well the European and also the German economic installment helped the euro along up. The prices of crude oil also increased with the interest of the dollar, it was to watch what for many in a very interesting way. By different European indicators which turned out considerably worse than at the last measuring, in the near future, the euro could absolutely, however, lose a piece again, too. Investors should under no circumstances lose the financial crisis of the USA from the eyes, however, because this could presumably be involved in fluctuations of the euro. If one looks within these days on the yen, then one sees a downward trend he followed just like the dollar that he loses hold solidarity with the dollar. The pair of euro/yen fell to under the 155, 00 brand. The British pound/yen was traded even under the 196, 00- brand. When the price of crude oil rose further, experts foresaw a fall in the merchandise intendeds for export from Japan. The yen has the currently worldwide lowest interest. The interest is approx. 0.50%. The forecasts say that the indicators will deteriorate also here; the yen will always be dependent on the developments of the dollar, too. The only factor which might absolutely contrast with Japan positively is the cost-of-living consumer price index. Investors of the yen should himself on every case again and again according to information about the raw oil market and the U.S. financial crisis look around.

At present again and again, the prices of crude oil are rising, it is only rare to record a sinking there. If the dollar is very low, the trade is definitely very interesting with raw materials for investors. However for those only which have already invested in stronger currencies before. The fluctuations can absolutely influence Forex strongly but also wars in Nigeria or else tropics storms at this.

In turn this has to work with that that Nigeria still has for example many oil reserves, there is war 18, and of course one does not approach without problems these. So came had not these investors also taken the investment banks to damage as the U.S. government since it had invested in crude oil, yes, on the market value relatively remains constant even raised if not the is.

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