Interested in Dropping Server Count by 90 Percent? Cloud Hosting Gets It Done

Have you noticed all of the attention that cloud hosting has gained as of late? It seems as though the idea of cloud computing and hosted solutions has emerged out of nowhere, dominating all headlines in the technology space. In reality, however, cloud hosting has been around for a while; it is just recently that companies like yours have taken notice as a result of the potential cost savings. Others have waited and watched to determine if moving to the cloud will put their networks or their data at risk. Now, companies are finding that cloud hosting is not only safe, but it also offers a viable alternative to the power hungry data center.

Companies Can Go Green with Cloud Hosting

The idea of “going green” has recently become very popular. The concept is that companies need to focus on waste reduction and policies that reduce power consumption. The data center is the biggest black eye for any enterprise seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. The servers maintained in the data center have traditionally been power-hungry devices that not only require significant juice to run, but also to cool. While some companies are offering more efficient data center designs, the more economical move is to cloud hosting. One U.S. company was able to migrate its entire infrastructure to cloud hosting, eliminating 22 of its 24 servers in the process.

Dancing Around Cloud Hosting Misses the Point

The server reduction company, Online Tech, had been dancing around cloud hosting for years. Online Tech spent a number of years deploying virtualized servers and other solutions within the network infrastructure to try and achieve a more green environment. Much like other companies, Online Tech was testing the waters to be sure it could trust the cloud hosting environment. The company finally pulled the trigger and migrated its entire infrastructure, immediately experiencing the benefits of the cloud. The resource savings alone significantly impacted the company’s bottom line. Once the company was willing to take the leap, they discovered other benefits that were not readily apparent before they migrated to cloud hosting. The support team can now maintain the company infrastructure without middle-of-the-night changes and downtime for the company.

The Scary Part of Cloud Hosting

Vendors will easily demonstrate the benefits of cloud hosting and you can see from other success stories that the platform can work. But, let’s face it, you’re still worried about moving your data outside of your firewall and you’re worried that you will lose control of your data or your infrastructure. These are very real concerns and you should express them to any cloud hosting vendor seeking your business. If they cannot intelligently answer your concerns, that should be your red flag to take your business elsewhere. The reality is that all of your data is protected

in a cloud hosting environment and you should be able to gain even better control over your infrastructure–just ask the vendor to show you how this works. Cloud hosting really can bring your company a number of key benefits, including a reduction in cost, an increase in “green” processes, enhanced control over your data and your infrastructure, and an environment in which your business can thrive.

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