Review of Cloud Hosting – What is Cloud Hosting

The best example of a pseudo-cloud hosting company is Google. People tap into Google’s information from their personal computers, getting it from a massive infrastructure (or a cloud). The more common server, the single server is called a dedicated server. This kind of web hosting enables clients to lease an entire server not shared with anyone. Cloud hosting means that

websites hosted on such servers are not limited to a single server for their online operations, thereby enabling various servers to release the same content and gain more computing power when necessary, to meet the demand of their website traffic.

Why Is That Good?

The scalability of cloud hosts is exponentially higher than that of more common dedicated web hosting. This means that information can reach tens of thousands of more computers using a cloud web host than a simple dedicated host. You will never have to go through the complicated ordeal of transferring your website from a shared server to a dedicated server.

Why Should You Care?

When you have a business you are running by a website, when your business starts to grow, your equipment often can’t keep up with the demand. Your service slows down because of your hardware, which is called the dedicated server or the dedicated host. In order to keep up with your growing client base, you have to buy more servers. Companies that house servers and set up servers for you are called Hosts and what they do is called hosting.

Your servers are always on and it costs money to keep them running. Even when you are not actively using all of the space on the server, the host is charging you money. You want to build your business, but it’s getting too complicated to keep everything running and pay the high costs.

The newest alternative to dedicated hosting is cloud hosting. You put your website or software, etc., on a cloud server, just like you would on a dedicated server. What’s different is that with a cloud server, when you need more computing power, your grab it from the cloud. When you are done with it, you put it back into the cloud. You pay for what you use, and when you’re done using it, you stop paying.

You can remotely access your information from your computer, and disconnect it when you’re done. You do not have access to the hardware, and therefore do not have to worry about it. You can only access your website or software.

For a growing business, it’s more important how the website and software work and that needs to be maintained more than having to worry about the hardware. People simply want to focus on their businesses.

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