School Loan – From Parent to Child

Education Loan

Your daughter wants to finish her graduation and you are seeking funds. Apply for a school loan and help your loving child accomplish her dreams. You being a single parent don’t want her to sacrifice her wishes. Most of the families find it very tricky to manage the funds as; paying the university fees could be expensive. You cannot always get scholarships and so, the best way to support your child’s career is school loan.

There are lot of factors that you must consider before applying for school loan. Gather sufficient information and details related to the procedure. It is always better to have a comparison of the different types of loans you can avail before, making the choice. Discuss your requirements with the school officer and seek options. You can collect some details online and take advice on the available loans. There are basically two types of school loan – federal and private. Ensure the terms and conditions attached with both the types and then take the decisions.

The federal funds or loans are offered by the government and are calculated on the basis of your requirement and the ability to pay off. You can apply for federal school loan if, you are applying for full time study. You can avail the school loans directly from the college or university at subsidized interest rates from the government. For special cases, like disabled students – the school federal loan is funded 100 per cent. You can use this fund for the complete educational purpose – tuitions, on books and PC. The rules and the conditions of federal school loans are very strict but, offer the flexibility of repayment in a span of 10, 20 or 30 years in equal monthly instalments.

The private loans have an advantage over federal loans. You can apply for private school loans whenever you need them. You can also, utilize this fund for fringe expenses. This includes all the other additional expense like – transport, conveyance, boarding and extra fares.

The school loan gives you lot of additional benefits and supports in completing your education. The loan amount may vary from $3500 and $6000 for every academic year with certain rate of inertest to be paid off. Your better credit scores would fetch you better interest rates on the student loans. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and the repayment methods are very flexible making it very simple for you get rid of the loan burden.

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