Selecting the Right Initial Credit Activities


After you have completed the Partner Compatibility Analysis, you are ready to begin the Plan step of the PDCA cycle again. The questions then become: What do you plan for? Do you need to discover more partners? Can you select a partner from the present list? Do you need to go back and interview some of the prospective partners again because some clarifying questions may have been introduced?

Once you’ve selected your partner and have agreed to participate in an initial activity, it’s time to do a process observation check with each other. How did your process work? Are you both feeling good about how you formalized the commitment to participate? Did the exercise build trust between you? Did you communicate well with each other? Was each party open and direct?

If you are satisfied with the commitment to participate, you are now ready to move to the next Stage of Partnership Development: Initiate. If you’re not satisfied, you need to plan the next step.

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