Why the Forex Trade could be interesting also for your Friends?


Are you pleased again and again, too, when members of the family, friends and acquaintances whom they have discovered for themselves let her participate in the advantages? You then invite your friends to make profits from the Forex trade anyway, too. Explain to you why the Forex Trading is so interesting. If you yourself already belong to Forex Trader to the more experienced ones, then you have already made the experience that one can increase his capital here in a safer way as which the case is for other speculative business, too.

Most people fear namely from ignorance that they could lose their invested capital completely at the Forex trade any time, too. It would be important to explain to them that this cannot pass trade with foreign currency at all. While different other investment outlets can lose their value also completely, the losses to be feared from the Forex trade even in the most unfavorable case are extremely low, since the course changes of the different currencies as a rule move within one to two per cent.

If you liked to convince your friends how lucrative the foreign exchange dealings can be also for the small investor, then you also should show for them that one takes hardly any risk and can nevertheless make profits with making use skillfully of a multinational loan and investment interest.

Cryptic Analyses of the Forex Strategy

If one has a look at the Forex charts in connection with the development of the stock indexes, then some inconsistencies which make the financial experts think give up. In the “normal” trade it is so that the currency values orientate themselves at the stock values to a large portion. A rather reversed trend has, however, to be watched since October 2008, what in connection with the rate of the dollar in the Forex Trading at least concerns the Dow Jones.

Namely Robert Rethfeld, one has derived a theory quite of its own which means that it is possible in the theory to steer the Crossrates in the Forex Trading and thus also the Forex strategy of the investors with a point exact and aim oriented distribution of news the financial expert from it who is stockbroker with body and soul. It already pointed out repeatedly that positive news which supports the course again always suddenly appears in a mysterious way then, when the dollar exchange rate threatens to sink. The closing price is particularly impressive that the dollar is always considerably higher than the average which is the result in the course of an Association of the Chambers of Industry. This could give an indication that it could be a good FX strategy to buy the dollar at midday low points and to repel it at the trade beginning within the last minutes in front of end of the trade or immediately again.

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